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Established in 1997, KC Sound is a wedding DJ company owned and operated by me, Keith Cremer. From the moment of your first inquiry to the last song at your reception, you will be dealing exclusively with me. I pride myself on communication, so whenever you have a question for me, your answer is only minutes away.
Keith Cremer

Wedding Ceremony Music

It has become very commonplace for couples to have their ceremony away from the traditional church setting.  As a DJ, I can help play a prominent role in helping to set the tone for you and your guests

As your guests arrive, which usually begins around a half hour before the start of the ceremony, I will play light music in the background.  Most couples prefer either classical selections or acoustical covers of today's lighter hits.  Once everyone is seated, then it's time for the parents and bridal party.  There are many ways that I have seen this play out, but it usually begins the mother of the bride being escorted up the aisle by a groomsman followed by the parents of the groom.  Some people have chosen to have that procession done in silence while others have chosen separate music.  Next comes the groom and his groomsmen walking up the side to the alter.  Sometimes the officiant will lead them up there if he or she hasn't already taken their place at the alter.  The gentlemen's walk will not take more than 30 seconds, if that, so don't go crazy trying to choose the perfect song for them.

Now it is time for the bridesmaids and flower girl and ring bearer.  When choosing this song, consider how many bridesmaids and kids you have, and how far they have to walk.  It's always a good idea to have them walk slower rather than faster, so you may end up needing a song that's four minutes long or more.  My personal preferences are Canon in D, if you prefer classical, or a string, vocal-less version of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" if you want to go more modern.  As the last flower girl or ring bearer takes their spot, it is now time for me to fade out the music for your grand entrance.

As a bride, you have been thinking about this moment since you were a little girl- the moment your father gets to walk you up the aisle.  As a father, I can personally tell you that I will not be able hear the music, yet alone remember what song it was, as my head will be spinning with emotions as I'm walking my baby girl towards her future husband.  If I had to pick a favorite, I guess it would be Train's "Marry Me".  "A Thousand Years" also works very well for this.  No matter what song you chose, your friends and family will be so focused on your beauty and grace that your song selection will be nothing more than background noise.  A final thought to consider for your bridal march is whether you want your entrance song faded when you and your father arrive at the alter or if he will be handing you off and sitting down before the start of the ceremony.  It's a minor detail, but something that will need to be discussed and decided with your officiant.

Now it's your officiant's time, and my microphones (hand held or lapel) will provide all the sound you need.  If you have a family member or friend providing a scripture reading, we can have a separate mic available on a stand for him or her upon your request.  And just when your officiant introduces you to your guests as Mr. & Mrs., that will be my cue to start up your recessional music.  This song typically sends the message that the formalities are over, and now it's time to party.  A Motown favorite here is Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".  A more modern selection is American Author's "Best Day of My Life" or Bruno Mars' "Marry You".  If you want to go 80's old school, I recommend Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True".  While you and your bridal party get whisked away for pictures, your guests head to the cocktail hour to begin their five hours of fun.

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Keith Cremer

Price of a Wedding DJ

How much money should I budget for a wedding DJ?  Most of us will only get married once in our lifetimes, so we only have to ponder this question one time.  However, unless you are friends with someone in the wedding or entertainment industry, there is no easy answer.

According to Brian Quinn of, the average cost of a wedding in Central PA is approximately $25,000, and that number jumps to $37,000 for the Pocono area.  According to The Knot, about 8-10% of that budget should be for entertainment/music.  For a $25,000 wedding, that means your entertainment cost is $2000 - $2500, and for a $37,000 wedding, that figure comes to $2960 - $3700.  Please keep in mind that those numbers are based on the "average" weddings for those geographic areas.  As with all goods and services, there will obviously be many DJ's above that price range and just as many below that average.  What it comes down to is how much do you value entertaining your invited guests.  Will they remember the appetizers or linens?  Will they tell stories five years from now about the flowers or stationary?  Probably not.  They will, however, post photos to Facebook and Instagram of themselves and others on the dance floor, provided the right DJ is hired.  

There's an old saying that "a good DJ isn't cheap and a cheap DJ isn't good".  That may not always be true, as I've know many new DJ's who have started out with lower prices to begin their business and ended up being very good at their trade.  Figure out how much of your budget you are willing to invest in your DJ, and you will find your search that much easier.

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