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  • Do you charge for your setup time? +

    Never. I am very careful with my equipment and therefore I take my time setting up and tearing down. You will not be charged during this time.
  • Do you charge extra for extended travel? +

    As long as your wedding is in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or in a bordering state, there will be no travel fees.
  • At what point during a wedding reception do you start charging? +

    The five hour contract begins when your guests arrive at the cocktail hour.
  • Will you take requests during the reception? +

    That all depends on the bride and groom. Some couples will emphatically say, "NO REQUESTS, PERIOD!" Other couples will say, "Sure, play whatever they want to hear." Most of the time, I will take requests throughout the night and try to accommodate those requests. If I don't feel the song is appropriate to play, I will either make a judgment call or ask you for your opinion.
  • Do I have to have a dollar dance? Or bridal party dance? Or a garter and bouquet ceremony? +

    When we meet a week or two prior to your wedding, we will create a wedding reception itinerary so that we will have a general idea of what events will take place throughout the night and in what order. You can choose what dances you would like to do, what order these events will take place, what songs will be used, how you want your wedding party introduced, etc.
  • Do you offer karaoke? +

    At this time, I do not offer any version of karaoke as an entertainment option. Also, due to the cost of the cordless mics, I will not hand out the mics during open dancing for sing-alongs.
  • From where do you get all of your music? +

    100% of my music is legally purchased and downloaded courtesy of my membership to Rhapsody. Even if your venue does not have Wi-Fi, I am able to accommodate most requests immediately if I don't already have them.
  • Is your music edited for explicit content? +

    Absolutely YES. I insist on having edited music. Most of the music that I download is already edited by their record label. However, if an edited version of a song cannot be found, I will download an unedited version and do the editing myself using a program called Audacity.
  • Do you have backup equipment? +

    Yes. I carry a complete Behringer sound system as backup just in case of an emergency.
  • Do you do outdoor receptions? +

    If your event is going to be outside, a secure shelter must be nearby in order to protect my equipment from severe weather. It is your responsibility to have an electrical source within 25 feet of where I will be stationed. Also, the Bose sound system is only available for indoor receptions.
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